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Electric car charging station

Electric Dreams – Navigating the EV Charging Landscape in Chania

Chania, located on the picturesque island of Crete in Greece, is not only a haven for tourists but also a place where electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts can charge up their dreams.


With the growing popularity of electric cars and a commitment to sustainability, Chania has embraced the EV revolution by providing a network of charging stations across the city and its surroundings.


 Charging Stations in Chania

Chania boasts a growing number of EV charging stations to cater to the needs of electric vehicle owners. These stations are strategically located throughout the city and offer different types of charging options to suit various EV models.


Electric car charging station

 Types of Charging Stations


A. Level 1 (AC Charging): Level 1 chargers provide a standard 120-volt AC plug and are suitable for overnight charging at home. They are also available at some public locations in Chania.

B. Level 2 (AC Charging): Level 2 chargers deliver 240-volt AC power, offering faster charging times than Level 1. You can find Level 2 chargers at many parking facilities, shopping centers, and hotels in Chania.

C. DC Fast Charging: For those in a hurry, DC fast chargers are the go-to option. They can charge an EV to 80% or more in around 30 minutes. Chania has several DC fast charging stations, including those along major highways.


Electric car charging station

 Charging Station Locator Apps


To make life easier for EV owners and travelers in Chania, there are smartphone apps like “Chania EV Charge” that provide real-time information about the availability and locations of charging stations. These apps also offer route planning, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate charging stops into your journey.


Electric car charging station


Payment and Accessibility


Most of Chania’s public charging stations accept payments through various methods, including credit cards and mobile apps. It’s essential to check the pricing and payment options for each station, as they may vary. Additionally, Chania is committed to making charging stations accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, ensuring a more inclusive experience.


Electric car charging station


Sustainable Tourism


Chania’s investment in electric vehicle infrastructure aligns with its dedication to sustainable tourism. Electric cars produce fewer emissions and contribute to the reduction of air pollution, making them an ideal choice for exploring the city’s beautiful landscapes and historic sites.


Our Electric  models so far are:

Volkswagen ID-4

Jaguar E-Pace P300

Audi GT E-Tron



Renting an electric car in Chania City not only enhances your travel experience but also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.



Chania is not just a destination for sun and sea; it’s also a destination for electric vehicle enthusiasts. With its expanding network of charging stations, the city is actively supporting the shift towards electric mobility. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, rest assured that Chania’s commitment to sustainability means you can explore the city and its surroundings in your electric vehicle with ease.




Charge up and experience the beauty of Chania while contributing to a greener future.

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